Property Management in the Niagara Region

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OrangeList offers extensive Management Services with over 10 years of experience in the Niagara Region. We are Young, Energetic, Professional, and Extremely Effective.

We do everything for you:

  1. Handling tenant complaints
  2. Dealing with late payments and issuing of notices or applications to the Board
  3. Dealing with management company for condominium corporation (if applicable)
  4. Management will ensure and enforce prompt rent payments
    • Rent from tenants is made payable directly to OrangeList and is deposited into the OrangeList Trust Account. After management fees and maintenance expenses (if any) are deducted, the balance is direct deposited into the Landlord's bank account
    • Issuing rent receipts to tenants upon request
  5. Secure storage of receipts and records available upon request for landlord/owner(s)
  6. Ensuring regular maintenance is up to date in and around the property
  7. Ensuring that tenant is paying utilities (if applicable)
  8. No management fee will be charged on vacant months
  9. Enforcing of lease agreement and associated terms and conditions
  10. Advertising the unit(s) effectively with the highest standards possible
  11. Acquiring all current and past pertinent information from every new applicant/tenant
    • (Lease checklist is available for preview upon request)
  12. Retrieving of keys from tenants moving out
  13. Meeting new tenants at property to inspect unit/house and issue keys
  14. Ensuring property is prepared in a timely manner for new tenant’s occupancy
    • This may include management coordinating: painting, cleaning, and minor repairs
  15. Conducting quarterly interior & exterior property inspections to ensure:
    • Smoke alarms are working
    • Furnace filters are replaced
    • Tenants are continuing proper use and care of the interior of the unit/house


Our Team

Bryan Droppert

General Manager

Phone: (905) 329-0859


Eric Cleary

Leasing Manager

Phone: (289) 696-5996


Alexandra Lemaire

Office Manager

Phone: (905) 329-0823



Maxine Davis

Accounting Administrator 

Phone: (905) 329-0823


Jenn Ford

Maintenance Administrator

Phone: (905) 329-9694


Jenna Zubrickas

Marketing & Leasing Assistant

Phone: (905) 329-0652



Holly Droppert

Administrative Maintenance Assistant

Phone: (905) 329-9694


Rob Vettese

Leasing Representative 

Phone: (416) 540-0175


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